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Save money and keep your pet ferret safe with a new ferret cage at discounted prices! Our website carries huge collection of top quality ferret cages and a wide assortment of ferret supplies all available for purchase online!

A well designed quality ferret cage will give your ferret plenty of room to eat, sleep and play, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your pet is happy and safe for lifetime!

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$155.99 $248.99 $118.99
Ferret Nation Single Unit Cage Ferret Nation Double Unit Cage Ferret Nation Add-On Unit Cage
$161.09 $269.99 $137.99
Critter Nation Single Unit with Stand Critter Nation Double Unit with Stand Critter Ferret Nation Nation Add-On Unit
$127.85 $289.99 $186.99 $199.99 $106.58 $143.99
Prevue Hendryx Ferret Cage – 495 Prevue Hendryx Corner Ferret Cage – 490 Prevue Hendryx Jumbo Steel Cat/Ferret Cage – 475 Prevue Hendryx 4-Story Ferret Cage – 480 Prevue Hendryx Frisky Small Ferret Cage – 486 Prevue Hendryx Feisty Ferret Home – 485
$101.99 $94.99 $189.99 $198.99 $218.99 $218.99
Ferret Kit Cage Size Large Ferret Kit Cage Size Medium A&E Cage Co. Medium 4 Level A&E Cage Co. Medium 2 Level A&E Cage Co. Large 4 Level A&E Cage Co. Large 3 Level
$153.99 $91.99 $74.99 $99.99 $130.99

Super Pet Habitat for Ferrets Super Pet Deluxe My First Home Cage Super Pet My First Home Deluxe Multi Floor Super Pet Welcome Home Hutch Super Pet 2’My First Deluxe Multi Floor

$203.42 $159.13 $159.97 $81.65 $337.99

Ware Mfg Clean Living 6 Level – Large Ware Mfg Home Sweet Home 3 Level Ware Mfg Clean Living 6 Level – Medium Ware Mfg Home Sweet Home 4-Level Ware Mfg Living Room Series Deluxe Ferret Home

$164.99 $195.99 $113.99 $47.99

YML 4 Levels Small Animal Cage YML 5 Levels Small Animal Indoor Cage YML 2 Level Pet Cage YML Foldable Small Animal Cage



Ferret Nation – The Most Practical Ferrets Cages Available!


Midwest Pets, the manufacturer of very well known brands of ferret cages Ferret Nation and Critter Nation, are very serious about their products: they don’t kid when they say they have observed and watched ferrets play and go about to help them design the best ferret cages available.

As proud owners of three ferrets and two Ferret Nation cages, we can recommend this cage to every ferret owner on the planet! But, if our word isn’t enough, here’s what other satisfied customers are saying:

“I researched more than a bit to find a right cage for my ferret. Many cages on the market are so poorly designed and cramped that they look inhumane. Ferrets cages made by Midwest are the best you’re going to find. I highly recommend it.” JudithM46 “Ferret Mommy”

“This ferret cage is super easy to clean, easy to assemble, and very roomy to give ferrets comfort. Before Midwest, I had a 4-level ferrets cage from different manufacturer, an it didn’t look nearly as nice and was not even close in quality! Great product, and the price is awesome! Of course, my ferrets like it too! HelveyK

“Hands down, the best ferrets cages available! Easy to clean and assembly, rock-solid quality. My Critter Nation cage will last a very long time!” L.Adams

“I did quite a bit of shopping and researched around for a new home for my two ferrets. I’m first time ferret owner, so wasn’t quite sure what to look for..Before buying this ferret cage, I even went to a pet store to see it in person, then decided to buy it here, because it was cheaper! I highly recommend this ferret cage, it is really neat looking too..” A. Noyer

“I love this cage! I have two ferrets, and my little guys just love their new Ferret Nation 142! A lot of other cages I saw in pet stores are quite smaller
and equally expensive.” L.Phillips

“When we’re expanding our small ferret family from one to two, we purchased Critter Nation cage for them and they seem to love it ever since. Sometimes my fuzzy ones like to sleep on lover levels, and this big cage gave them a choice! I’m considering buying a hammock to give my ferrets more than one choice where to nap.I highly recommend this product and this webpage for purchase!” P. Moniz

| Midwest Ferret Nation Cages – Ferret Cages Best Deals and Sales!

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