How to Set Up a Cage For Your Ferret

How to Set Up Ferret CageFor any ferret, his cage is his home, so the ferret cage should be functional but at the same time stimulating for your ferret so he can be happy and healthy pet.

How to set up a ferret cage to make it meet your ferret’s basic needs, but also be fun when your ferret wants to play?

The first consideration when setting up a cage for the ferret should be for ferrets basic needs like food, water, bedding and litter.

Food bowl must be easily accessible, but you must make sure that the bowl is not too light, so that your ferret can’t tip it over. For this reason, heavy ceramic bowl fasten securely to the side of the ferret cage is usually the best solution.

Choose the water container for your ferret cage with the same thought in mind – make it easily reachable, but try to make the bowl difficult to overturn. Same type of heavy clip-on bowls or heavy crocks like the ones for food can be used for water.

Bedding is one of the most important parts of your ferrets cage. Ferrets like to burrow and nest when they sleep and play, so it’s important that you set up bedding inside the cage. If a ferret doesn’t have a place to hide inside the cage, he can get a severe case of “cage strss”. There are many types of bedding available on the market: hammocks, tunnels, sleep sacks and so on. If you don’t want to spend money on bedding, your ferret will be equally happy if you give him your old T-shirt.

Litter bas two important features: odor control and safety for your ferret. Recycled paper, old newspapers, corn cob or even wood pellets are the best option for ferret litter boxes. Wood pellets and recycled paper may be the best, because of their great absorbing power (which means best odor control).

When setting up a ferret cage, don’t forget that your ferret need some toys to play with! Be careful not to give your pet anything small or breakable which he can swallow. There are many ferret toys available in pet stores nowadays, with prices of just few dollars. if you buy toys made especially for ferrets, you’ll can be assured that your pet is safe and happy while playing.